Original song: Rainy Song

This is my first blog entry in English, so if you spot any mistakes: you can keep them! The reason why I write this one in English is because the song it is about has English lyrics and I’ve got some friends overseas who would be glad to understand some of the things I write. So, here’s to you, Ashley and Paige!

This is also my first solo video upload on Youtube and the first time I filmed myself recording a song. It’s a bit of a test to see how it works (I’m lucky to have had a whole to day for getting to know my camera and the editing program) and also to get some new material to the people out there. So I guess the next few videos will look and sound a bit different while I try to find my „own style“ of youtubing.

As a bonus (because this blog is about how to write songs) some words on how „Rainy Song“ was made. It was after a long night of being out with friends when I waited at the station for my train home. I wasn’t particularly happy or sad -there was this light drizzle outside, the clouds in the air somehow calming but also gloomy. That’s when the first words hit me and I instantly knew it had to have some „blues feeling“ in it. From there on the song just grew by itself and before the train arrived the lyrics were written. At home, although I was quite tired from the night, I sat down on the piano and played the melody I had in my head during the whole trip. It didn’t take long and I had found the right chords for this ambiguos, „bluesy“ song. While I play it I still remember some of the things I went through at that time and the wish to just hide behind my rainy songs…

I hope you enjoy – this is „Rainy Song“.